ℱall🍂 and ℍot Beveragℯs ☕🍂


What’s better than a nice hot cup of *insert favorite warm beverage* and a big chewy cookie, or soft pastry?  I can’t think of anything. ≧◔◡◔≦


So far, this fall has been quite warm in my neck of the woods with not that many sweater-weather days, but even in not-so-cool temperatures, I’ve still been indulging in some amazing hot beverages.


Fall seems to be the best season for hot beverages.  All kinds of new lattes / warm drinks come out, and I’m a sucker for them all!  Some of my favorite warm beverages are; Sencha Green Tea Latte, and Chai Tea from Second Cup (pictured top photo).  La La Lemon, Queen Of Tarts (pictured bottom photo), Super Ginger, and David’s Organic Breakfast Tea from David’s Tea.  And, as of recently, Cadbury Hot Chocolate made with my Tassimo home brewing system – by simply adding an Espresso disc makes a fantastic Mochaccino, too.

So far this fall, I haven’t had any Pumpkin Spice anything, which is quite strange, as I love Pumpkin.  I must get right on that!(>‿◠)


I’d love to know what your favorite warm beverages are, and have you tried any new Fall flavors yet?



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