Amⅈr Tak℮-Out🍃

For dinner a few nights ago, D and I ordered a few dishes from Amir (the one located on Mountain and De Maisonneuve St.) for dinner, as well as some extras for our lunches the following day.

IMG_00000275 (2)

My chicken brochettes plate; grilled chicken, potatoes, salad, and a big blob of garlic sauce.  I really wish they’d put the sauce separately.๏̯̃๏


Dwayne’s Shish Taouk plate; salad, chicken slices, rice, potatoes, and garlic sauce.


My order of Falafel; which came with hummus.


Dwayne’s chicken Shish Taouk wrap, and side order of garlic potatoes.

The food was okay.  I found the falafel to be dry inside.  I wasn’t able to finish my plate, and since there was so much sauce and salad dressing inside the container, leftovers wasn’t possible – which sucks, as I hate wasting. On the plus side,  the chicken skewers and the potatoes were good, and I liked that the garlic sauce wasn’t too strong..unlike the Amir near Namur metro – that place has some seriously lethal garlic sauce.  They need to turn the garlic volume down about ten twenty notches..yea definitely not date-night food! >‿♥


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