ℙonki🍩From Wawℯl ℙolish ℬakery❀


What a treat these were!  I hadn’t had Ponki in a really long time, as the last few times we went, they were sold out.   These were from the NDG Wawel (Located on Girouard and Sherbrooke St, across from Girouard park).  We got the only kinds they had available that day; plum and vanilla custard.  They also have chocolate-filled ones, which I’ve tried but didn’t like as much; it reminded me of a chocolate Jello pudding cup.  According to Yelp, there are a few other locations in Montreal which have apricot-filled Ponki – I’d sure love to try that one!◠‿◠


The Ponki were soft and pillowy on the inside with just the right amount of filling.  The plum one is great (and most traditional), not too sweet – even with powdered sugar on top.  For me the winnah is the vanilla custard Ponki; it’s creamy and has a light banana flavor to it. Fucking Amazing.

Ponki Porny Goodness

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