Sensual ⅅesires: Full Moon In Taurus


There’s a Full Moon in sensuous, earthy, and peace-loving Taurus today, at 5:23 PM EST.  A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs.  In this case, the Sun is in the dark, intense, and mysterious depths of Scorpio (until Nov. 22nd), and the Moon in Taurus’ ruling planet, Venus.

From Symbolic Living: “This Full Moon has a lot of positive, spiritual and vital energy connected with it that can bring us to a state of wholeness.  We all have Taurus in our chart, just as we have all signs and planets in each of our personal charts.  Energy builds towards a Full Moon and it can certainly be a build up of our emotions that we feel most significantly.  When the Taurean parts of us are pushed to the limit, the bull can be unleashed. However, there is a lot of love associated with this Full Moon as well. So, we will be tempered according to how we make an intentional effort to give and receive love.”

From “The full Moon in Taurus will be warming up all week, so as early as the prior weekend, you might notice a subtle surge in your sensual desires.  A lot of people confuse the sensual with the sexual, but the full Moon in Taurus can help you to identify the moment where they coalesce into a perfectly delicious dyad. When it comes to your sex life, invite in as much sensuality as you can muster — consider all five of your senses.  Taurus energy is intentionally slow, sometimes frustratingly so. But at this luscious full Moon, that very slowness can be a tantalizing invitation to enjoy every single moment of intimacy.  Food, scent and gentle touch should all play a role now. Ask for (or provide) a massage, lingering over every inch of the skin.  Make sure the lighting is perfect — only the loveliest scented candles will do. You might want to draw a bath for your partner, or make a ridiculously delicious, slow-cooked meal redolent of spices and herbs.

Reflecting on Scorpio’s hidden watery depths, this Taurus Moon helps us become aware of what we want most in life.  What will give us joy, what will bring us peace, what will open up our creativity! Meditate on that!”


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