Ipod Superst★rs: ❝She❞ ₮yler, ₮he ℂreator Ft. ℱrank ◎cean

..I’ll be the happiest if you decide to kick it tonight
  We can chill, and I can act like I don’t wanna fuck
  You can tell me all your problems like I really give one
  But I give two, for us cause you’re the one that I want
  Don’t wanna seem like a punky pussy that simps over punk pussy
  See, when I’m with my friends I just put up a front
  But in the back of my top, I’m writing songs about we
  We as including, I, and yourself making three, little ones
  Drums are hitting pretty hard if you ask me


One thought on “Ipod Superst★rs: ❝She❞ ₮yler, ₮he ℂreator Ft. ℱrank ◎cean

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