Ip⊙d Superst✰rs: ❝Sugar Honey Iced Tea❞ ₭elis🌸

Not sure if I was dreamin’ of you and I
 Was that true? Oh, I don’t know
 Smilin’ and squeezin’ in the bluest sky
 Wasn’t that true?

But I bet you didn’t know
You’re my sugar honey iced tea, baby
You’re just as sweet as can be
Your momma must be made of sugar
Your daddy makes honey
And that’s what makes sense to me

Tasty is such an amazing album..I was obsessed with it, was all I listened to when it was released over ten years (holy shit, that long ☉̃ₒ☉) ago. The Neptunes, Raphael Saadiq, Andre 3000..jeez!

I wish Pharrell and Kelis could hug it out and make some incredible music together, again.


2 thoughts on “Ip⊙d Superst✰rs: ❝Sugar Honey Iced Tea❞ ₭elis🌸

  1. I’m right there with you on Tasty. What a fun bouncy cool album, Milkshake was just one of many gems. I liked Protect My Heart. Kinda of an 80’s Expose throwback vibe.

    all hail Kelis aka Thunderbitch!

    “maybe you didn’t break the way you shoulda broke… but I break.”


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