Tiki-ℳing ✿ Take-◕ut ❀

A few Sundays ago, D and I went downtown and got some shopping done…not the fun, update-my-look kind..it was more the “we need new towels” kind. After a few frustrating hours in a crowded mall, we were eager to grab some bad, yet delish food, and catch a cab home. There’s some pretty good choices at the food court at Alexis Nihon, but we both had tunnel vision for Tiki-Ming.


I chose the Singapore noodles, with three sides; honey chicken (which is usually neon orange, I guess they switched up the sauce), spare ribs, and stir-fried veggies, which was mostly cabbage and broccoli (perfect for me!). Everything was pretty good, the noodles had a nice and mild curry flavor, but were a tad on the dry side.  This meal was under $9, and I needed three breaks to finish. Righteous! ◠ᴥ◠


D chose the fried rice, and two sides; the honey chicken, and another battered chicken (I thought it was salt & pepper squid at first), not sure what they called it.  They sure are generous with their portions!


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