ℍappy ℍour: Sangria


For this lovely concoction; I used sweet vermouth, a splash of bitters, frozen fruit, and some Perrier. Yea, whatever I had on-hand.

I know Sangria is considered a summer drink, but to that, I say “hug and kiss my ass” “it can be enjoyed in the winter as well!” In fact, I might make this at Christmas but with pomegranate.


4 thoughts on “ℍappy ℍour: Sangria

    • I have allergies to fresh fruit also, grapes and clementines in particular are quite deadly for me, frozen fruit seems to be ok though. I like white sangria too, I think I’ve posted it before. So Glogg, interesting! It’s like a spicy wine punch, right?


      • I can have clementines grapefruit and bananas. Frozen is no good, it has to be cooked. I have had a reaction to frozen peach ice cream. Sucks for us.

        Glogg is a Scandinavian winter drink with lemon, grape and citrus and caramel. Sold as a concentrate I enjoy it heated up with a healthy dose of rum. It’s a nice comfort drink.


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