Saturn Enters ➹ Sagittarⅈus

By Sherene Shostak:

After the long, dark tunnel of Saturn in Scorpio since October of 2012, this new transition is sure to feel like a breath of fresh air. Saturn spends almost three years in each sign, so by the time we get to the new cycle, we’re all more than ready for the change.

This particular Saturn transit is excellent for working on our personal philosophies and revering the wisdom of our teachers, especially elders. Sagittarius is alchemical fire, and we’re going to the next level of transmuting the dark shadow energies of Scorpio. We are ready for truth. We are ready to spread our wings and take up space again.

It’s an important time to hold our spiritual teachings with the utmost reverence. Take nothing and no one for granted in life, says Saturn in Sagittarius. True wisdom comes from deep within our bones, from lived experience. Sagittarius is the opposite of Gemini, so it turns concepts into felt, living and breathing action. Sagittarius is about the vision and aiming straight for what we truly desire. It’s the fire and heat that create magic in our lives.

We’ll also feel a lift as Saturn will no longer be answering to the heavy planets, Mars and Pluto. Saturn is now in communication with Jupiter in Leo, so the fiery, fun creative energy is emphasized. We are being called to live in our hearts, to embrace the moment as sacred and to really appreciate our teachers. Of course, your very own life is the greatest guru of all, so listen carefully.

From astrostyle:

“Saturn’s last tour of Sagittarius was November 1985 until November 1988, so if you were born then, dial back through your personal history. You may see recurring themes, or issues that resurface. Saturn spotlights your “life’s work,” so stand tall and get cracking on the next round of this soul assignment.

Saturn and Sagittarius are strange bedfellows, because Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and expansion, while Saturn is all about restriction and harsh reality checks. But this blending of opposites could actually strike a healthy balance.”

From Cafeastrology:

Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles, and to be loyal to these. This is a time for turning a critical eye to those beliefs and principles that don’t accurately reflect our authentic selves. We’ll begin to see clearly where excessive or irresponsible behavior has cost us time, energy, and happiness. This is a time for making clear choices and decisions, for weeding out what isn’t working for us, and for letting go of lost causes. Sagittarius can be a little “messy” in its pursuit of new knowledge and experiences, and Saturn wants to clean this up. If we’ve become too moralistic, we may be challenged to walk the talk and practice what we preach.

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Image: “In Awe Of Saturn” Larry Landolfi


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