ℒunch at ℬaton ℛouge❦

IMG_0652 I met my friends M and S for lunch at Baton Rouge. To begin, we shared the crab cake appetizer. This was muy bueno. The corn kernels, spicy mayo, and drizzles of balsamic glaze added to the whoa factor. Me. Want. Now… IMG_0661 M chose the lobster sandwich. Fuuuck, man. I caught a serious case of dish envy! M dug in before I got a photo of the entire sandwich, but I did manage to get a shot of the second half.

IMG_0655 This is S’ fish and baked potato. I can’t remember what type of fish this was but S liked it. Her plate also had some grilled vegetables and sour cream (err was that tartar sauce?) for her baked potato. IMG_0658 I chose the Steak Frites, which came with a giant serving of coleslaw, shoestrings fries, and peppercorn gravy. The gravy was pretty good, I dipped my fries into it. I found the steak to be quite salty though, and didn’t finish. Yea, bad decision. IMG_0664 I ordered this pulled pork sandwich to go, and brought it home for D. When I saw it on the menu I just knew he’d like it. Besides pulled pork, it had lettuce, swiss cheese, and a whole mess of bbq sauce.


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