ℱull Moon In ℂancer; Jan 4th, 2015 8:08PM EST❂

❝Emotional Deluge with The Full ℳoon in Cancer❞

By Sherene Shostak

“Our first full Moon of 2015 crashes in on quite a high emotional tide. We have barely gotten our feet wet, and along comes the deluge of the cardinal water energy of Cancer. This full Moon will trine Neptune, god of the Ocean and mysticism, in the morning and then move on to the serious crossfires of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, that explosive, trigger-happy zone of the sky that keeps getting activated and reactivated since 2013 and extends until March.

All of those emotional buttons are getting pushed hardcore. Those revolving relationship issues are up for dramatic discussion once again. The communication planet, Mercury, will enter Aquarius just hours before the Moon goes full. This might be our mental saving grace as Mercury is exalted in the sign of detachment, genius and the ability to step back without jumping the mental gun. Thus, although we may be feeling oceanic levels of emotions, we are less likely to say something stupid to escalate the already sensitive situations getting activated by today’s lunation.

Mercury will be going retrograde in just a few weeks (January 21) so we’ll be working with and harnessing the wisdom of Aquarius for many weeks to come. Heaven knows we need the detachment and discernment now more than ever as the planets continue to escalate our most sensitive interpersonal and family issues. Power struggles, jealousies, competition, neediness, and every other unmet emotional need from childhood could easily be emotional fodder now.

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Image: “Full Moon” By Moroka323


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