Greek ℬakery Goodies

D was in the Park-Extension area of Montreal, where in my opinion, has the most amazing Greek bakeries and restaurants (ok, tied with the Mile-End area). D knows how much I love Greek pastries (as a kid, my dad used to take me to one every Saturday morning, when I’d run errands with him). So, D grabbed some for us when opportunity knocked.


This was a custard pie. It was so soft and pillowy. The filling was wasn’t very sweet, and sort of had a light lemon flavor. It was even better than the custard pies I remember eating as a kid.


This one was a cheese pie we’d split in two, to share. I’m not sure what type of cheese this was, but it was on the salty side.


The Spanakopita was one of the best I’d ever had…check out that crust! The filling was perfect. I think I detected a mozzarella-type cheese mixed in with the feta, because it didn’t have that pungent spinach-feta flavor, it was just…Whoa!

I’d go all the way to Park-Ex just for these pastries..but I won’t, it’s way too fucking cold. D doesn’t remember the name of the bakery, but said it’s on Jean-Talon street, near Wiseman.

FYI, these pastries were not all consumed in the same day! (•◡•)


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