Random Recurring TV Characters I Love, Part 1 : ℙerd ℍapley

I’m talking about those characters that, as soon as you see them on the screen (because they’re not on nearly enough!), you search frantically for the remote to turn the volume up, so that you don’t miss a word they say.  No? Just me? Ok…◠ᴥ◠


Perderick L. Hapley, or more commonly Perd Hapley, is a Pawnee television journalist and host of the television news programs Ya Heard? With Perd!, The Final Word With Perd, and, Lights, Camera, Perd!, a movie review show, on Channel 4.  He is also the host of a news segment called Are You There Perd-verts? It’s Me Perd, Hosting a New Segment.

bluevelvet   bluevelvet2

He often speaks in awkward and overly-wordy news anchor phrases like “Yet another twist in a story that won’t stop unfolding”, “The statement this reporter has, is a question”, and “Also, joining us today, is a different person”. Like other reporters on Parks and Recreation, Perd often serves as a parody of the pack mentality of the media and their tendency to generate scandals.”

I wish to read Perd’s book, “The Thing About Me Is, I’m Perd Hapley“..Do you guys watch Parks & Recreation and love Perd as much as I do??!

✴Honorable mention to Councilman Jamm, and Jean-Ralphio.✴

Sources: wiki


Images: nbc.com



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