ℙress ℙlay⏯ : ❝My Maudlin Career❞ ℂamera Obscura✲

You kissed me on the forehead
Now this kiss is giving me a concussion
We were love at first sight
Now this crush…is crushing
I retraced your steps through the city of romance lazily
I took to the desert with your harshest words
And they saved me

I’ll bail you out again
I’ve got the readies
I’m not a child, I know
We’re not going steady
Your pain’s gigantic, but it’s not as big as your ego
Promise not to abandon you, please let me go

This is just so..beautifully melancholic. It reminds me of the end of Lost In Translation when Bob and Charlotte say goodbye.


2 thoughts on “ℙress ℙlay⏯ : ❝My Maudlin Career❞ ℂamera Obscura✲

  1. Lovely. So lovely. I had the delight to see Camera back in 2007 during their tour for Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken. Quietly, much like Belle and Sebastian snuck up on us with their twee Scottish brilliance, Camera Obscura is gaining ground. Very nice share. Sad lonesome tough-luck and heartbroken… and so lovely.

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