ℳore Amir Take-Out

We felt for some Lebanese food for dinner a few Wednesdays ago, and chose our usual from Amir (the one on de Maisonneuve, near Guy street).

Chicken Brochettes Plate with Tabouleh Salad

The plates usually come with rice and potatoes, but I didn’t feel for rice this time, so I asked for potatoes only, as well as a Tabouleh salad instead of the regular salad. I didn’t realize that by changing my salad, I’d be missing out on those awesome pickled turnips they top the regular salad with..It’s cool though, I stole some from D’s plate. (◔◡◔)

D chose the same chicken brochettes plate I did, but had his with rice, and regular salad.


See all those pickled turnips!? D had no business having all those yummy, bright turnip sticks to himself. Oh, the giant-ass white blob of sauce is garlic mayo.


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