ℬirthday ℳagic: Your Solar ℛeturn☀

By Jessica Shepherd & Lada Duncheva

Every year, the Sun makes its annual return to the same position it was when you were born. This day is your birthday; your personal New year! We can regard our birthday as a time of renewal and re-commitment to our Self, to the continued development of our full potential. The Sun’s return inspires our Spirit with new thoughts, ideas and magic for the year to come, and our conscious participation makes it even more so. The Sun holds our vitality, willpower and life force, as well as what makes you special – uniquely you – so it’s appropriate to be made a big deal over on this day, to be showered with blessings, to celebrate our self and allow others to celebrate us.

In the thirty days preceding our birthday, one enters a strange and unusual frame of mind. Ambitions and goals become weaker, the drive for success is ousted by a desire to relax, get away, sleep longer, daydream, or, to simply be alone. This is a normal cosmic biorhythm, as the month before the Sun comes back to the same position it was in when you were born is a period of completion, the ending of a yearly cycle, a withdrawal of energy.

It is a powerful time to plant intentions on behalf of your unfolding spiritual journey. Do not be hard on yourself if you feel more sensitive, dreamy, lazy or solitary. It is how you are supposed to feel. Give yourself time to relax, contemplate, be in nature, sleep more, be alone. You deserve a rest – take it, because very soon, you will be required to start shining again! Think of what you need to remove from your life, or what new peaks you want to conquer.

We can choose to see our birthday as an opportunity to receive the gifts of our Spirit, gifts for the journey, gifts that need us in order to actualize. Gifts and birthday candles on a cake have always been a customary birthday ritual. In ancient Rome and Greece, a person not only received gifts on his or her birthday but they themselves also offered a sacrifice to their guiding Spirit, called your genius (Rome) or daemon (Greek).

In custom, any birthday offering made to one’s guiding Spirit was believed to make one more spiritually, creatively, artistically and sexually fertile. The Greeks made sweet honey Moon cakes for Artemis’ birthday, believing their wishes traveled on the smoke of the candles, straight to the Gods. Sacrificial fires held special mystical significance in Pagan ritual, and candles lit in tribute to the Birthday Child secured lifelong luck and fortune.

More ritual ideas for your birthday:

-Create an altar to hold your intentions for the year; write in positive terms

-Light a candle and speak your wishes into the candle

-Make a list of everything you’re deciding to leave behind

-Bathe in cleansing magnesium salts and lavender buds

-Plant something with your seed intentions written on a piece of paper, bury it in the soil. As you nurture your plant or flowers, you nurture your intentions throughout the year.




Images: magic4walls.com, amazonaws.com


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