ℙress ℙlay⏭: ❝ℂorsican ℛosé❞ ℳayer ℍawthorne ⛴⛴

❝There’ll never be another time for you and me
I should’ve held on to you tight
Now we’ll forever be ships passing in the night❞

My favorite song from “Where Does This Door Go“.


7 thoughts on “ℙress ℙlay⏭: ❝ℂorsican ℛosé❞ ℳayer ℍawthorne ⛴⛴

      • I am one of those people that cannot live without music and my taste pretty much covers opera to rap. So I love nothing better than finding a new song/artist. 😍
        I usually do a lot of down to earth style make-up reviews. I recently purchased a limited edtion stunning ring with lipstick inside colab between Smashbox and SantiGold. Never having heard of SantiGold before, I was tickled pink to find out she is a singer and the bonus being I like her music.😀 💕

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      • I feel the same about music. There’s so many amazing unknown artists that never get shine (I hate radio music, unless it’s an oldies station lol), so I love having an outlet to share some of what think is great music.
        I love Santigold! I was obsessed with her first album, in particular. You just reminded me that I need to post some of her songs! Some of my faves are “Superman”, “Shove It”, and “You’ll Find A Way”. ◠ᴥ◠

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      • Radio music..AGREED!! Love the oldies too!
        I have listened to some of SantiGold’s music but those song names don’t ring a bell so I’ll have to check them out. I love what I’ve heard sofar from her and adore her fashion sense too!
        Have you ever heard of Matthew Good? If you are Canadian you will, if not then check him out. He’s one of the most talented musicians ever in present day. He’s very different. Because he has refused many awards in the past Canada has snubbed him so its rare to ever hear him on the radio. It’s similar to The Cure. When you hear a song you know it’s the Cure because of Robert Smiths unique voice.
        Matthew Good has the most beautiful voice and his lyric’s are always interesting. If you haven’t heard of him check out his song’s Odette, Single Explosion, Born Losers, Weapon,Hello Time Bomb and Avalanche. Should give you a good over view.
        And HOORAY!! Someone to swap tune’s with! Pleasure to meet you. 🙂


      • A pleasure to meet you, as well! I will definitely check out Matthew Good (If I’ve heard his music, I can’t remember atm, sorry), and the songs you recommend. Thank God for youtube! Have a great one! ❀‾ ‿ ⁀

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