A&W ℬreakfast🍳

D was out running errands a few Saturday mornings ago, and since A&W recently opened up a short distance from us, he got us breakfast on his way home.

I’d just rolled out of bed at that point, so I was pretty happy to see D with breakfast and coffee. 😍


This was D’s breakfast; sausages, bacon, eggs, tomato, and wheat toast.


He got me a cheese omelet (great choice, something I regularly go for at breakfast) which came with a hash brown, and white toast. The staff made a mistake and gave me D’s white toast instead of wheat toast, so we just switched.


It was my first time trying A&W, I’d never even had a burger or root beer float from there, so I was pleasantly surprised by how good this breakfast was. It actually tasted home-made. I made a sandwich with my omelet, the whole-wheat bread was super soft, and there was just the right amount of cheddar cheese inside. I also added the tomato slices from D’s plate since he didn’t want them..toasty perfection!

Well..to nitpick, the coffee wasn’t very good, but I wouldn’t really expect great coffee from a burger joint.


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