Life-Suckers & Not-So-Home-Made-Pizza🍕


After a long ass after-noon in the company of a Life-Sucker (you know? that person who’s all about them; no self-awareness, selfish, barely lets you get a word in – unless something bad happens to you, then they wanna know all about it, and, basically sucks the life and energy out of you? if not, you’re so lucky!). The life-suckers in my life usually share my last name, not so easy to avoid…

Sorry, where was I?..right, so I stopped off at the supermarket on my way home to grab a few things. I wanted something easy and bad for me (without getting take-out). So while exploring the baked goods section, I spotted a nice-looking flatbread..boom! I decided not-so-home-made-pizza was the plan. I got the rest of ingredients I needed, and headed home.

IMG_00002502 IMG_00002533

The pizza was fun to make, D helped grate the cheese, so it came together pretty quickly. I made a salad to go with the pizza, which turned out pretty good…almost good enough to make me forget about my shitty day.


7 thoughts on “Life-Suckers & Not-So-Home-Made-Pizza🍕

  1. Have an award for you on SASS-A-FR-ASS
    Don’t feel obliged to accept it if it’s not your thing. You deserve it regardless. 😉


      • Ahhh… PERFECT!!! That’s how I feel when I get awarded something. This particular one is quite a bit more special than the other’s. 🙂
        I’m still learning to navigate awards too lol! But you most definitely want to at the very least post a picture of this Award somewhere on your blog as it’s a important one. If I can assist in any way just holler. 😉


      • Woops I just had a look on your site, I didn’t realize there were rules (yep, I’m that clueless lol). It would take me an insane amount of time to do all that, when my plate is already quite full atm..gaahh, I guess I have to decline 😦 Again, thank you so, so much, this nomination (and your kind words) is so lovely for me and my young blog. 🌹❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • No worries! 🙂
        A lot of people don’t bother with the awards so don’t feel bad. It’s the thought that counts in my opinion. 😘💫💐❤

        Liked by 1 person

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