You Wok My World

After our absolute favorite Chinese restaurant closed down (damn it, why, Asian Garden!?) we reluctantly decided to try another place. I saw a menu for Wok Cafe (located on St-Catherine street) that came in the mail, and we gave it a go.


We ordered some of our usuals; General Tao, Vegetable Pad Thai, (which I ordered without peanuts, due to my allergy), and, an order of Beef & Broccoli.


All the dishes were great! I appreciated that we got free rice with each dish (something Asian Garden didn’t offer). I’m not used to carrot in beef & broccoli, but still thought it was pretty good.


The Tao was exactly what I wanted, sticky without being overly sweet, and with the perfect amount of batter (unlike some places where you’re left wondering where the chicken is).


Although we really like Wok Cafe, and will definitely return, our hearts still have not fully healed from being tossed away like yesterday’s fried rice by Asian Garden.  I mean, we were together for over 10 years! Not even a phone call!


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