Press Play▷: ❝Prototype❞ Outkast

❝I hope that you’re The One
If not, you are the prototype




10 thoughts on “Press Play▷: ❝Prototype❞ Outkast

  1. OutKast. Big Boi and Andre doing their thing in a underrated double album. As Prince inspired them, especially in this song, they remain quintessentially outcasts of a particular genre, creating their own, maybe, spoken word funk, truth tellers in Cornel West’s words and not above a beautiful melody. Kendrick Lamar lives on in their creation, weaving a narrative in his new album as is done in Andre’s Where Are My Panties/Prototype medley. Silky smooth that Andre.


    • Yes, this album was so underrated, although Hey Ya was huge for some reason. This song is one of my faves from pushed So Fresh, So Clean out of the way lol. I love what you said about them remaining quintessentially true. I haven’t listened to all of Kendrick’s album..the songs I’ve heard were mind bending..he’s so angry in a perfect way!

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      • Just like B.O.B., the Hey Ya of Stankonia, Outkast was always game to try something new. Jay-Z to Kelis to Norah Jones? A real delight. You can’t pin this Boxxxx down.
        As for Kendrick, he’s saved like Mase, but he has so much anger he’s trying to reconcile. Another knockout album to follow Good Kid Madd City. I hope to write something about it soon. Every new listen draws me deeper in.


      • I think it’s a lot of fun. I’ll probably listen to it again on the way to my family’s home for Easter. And my wife will suffer through it. Actually, she likes a few songs.


      • lol that sounds very familiar, considering most of my knowledge of hip-hop lately comes from D blasting some rap-du-jour. I’m now in love with Action Bronson because of this. Hope you have a great wknd. 🙂


      • It is a good name..brings that thunda! And, he’s a major foodie too! I heard someone refer to him recently as ‘Mr. Baklava’ lol. D told me that he has a food show on youtube..gotta love that!
        My wknd was pretty good, I guess. I ate too much. As usual. 🙂


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