All of the Lights✨

Extra bright, I want y’all to see this..”

Artist: Jan Leonardo Wöllert

Jan Leonardo Wöllert is one of the most well-known light painting photographers. He developed the concept of Light Art Performance Photography (LAPP).

 LAPP is controlled and choreographed artificial light art, using nature as the perfect backdrop.


 The vivid colors and mesmerizing light effects are created with a range of different sources, including fireworks, light sticks, flash and specifically developed luminous tools.

 The light and long exposure create glowing spheres, curves, and lines. The main difference from other photographic forms of light painting, or, light writing is the inclusion of the background in the photos.

tumblrJan Leonardo Wöllert.6

 Jan Leonardo came up with the concept of Light Art Performance Photography when he was accidentally trapped overnight in an old industrial complex in Germany in the summer of 2007.


He kept himself occupied by making shapes and patterns with LED lamps. That’s when he discovered that playing with cold and warm light opens the possibility to emphasize different structures.

Six months later, in autumn of 2007, Wöllert developed and his art and collaborated with Jörg Miedza (also a light painting photographer).


Jan Leonardo handled the creative aspects of the light figures, while Jörg worked on design and ways to achieve effects while operating the camera.


In 2011, the pair separated. LAPP continues to inspire and gain popularity internationally since its inception.




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