Ipod Gems💎: ❝Around the Way Girl❞ LL Cool J

This never loses its nostalgic effect. Where are my bamboo earrings?!


17 thoughts on “Ipod Gems💎: ❝Around the Way Girl❞ LL Cool J

  1. Ladies Loved Cool James alright. When he was younger he had swagger that Money Mayweather now shamelessly rips off. LL was always ready to take the girls in the backseat of his Jeep. Throwback jam.


      • Are you kidding? The lip licking swagger is his bread and butter! He still does the lip pursing on his tv show CSI:Los Angeles.
        Everyone would love to see Money eat the mat for a number of reasons. In this country, jerks prevail, and I have to make my own peace with that sad truth.


      • I’m not saying that it didn’t have an effect on me lol (doin’ it video whew)..just saying it’s tired..no exhausted. It would be a fun drinking game though, to watch CSI and drink every time he does it. I’ve seen a few eps of Lip Sync Battle (which he hosts), and I don’t see him do it as much..that show is pretty good. Have you seen it?
        I have to agree, jerks win..which was proven again last night..surprise, surprise. Manny was great though.

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      • I wanna lounge wit’choo. With Total girls, LL came back strong around the same time as Keith Sweated it out for one last swag himself.
        I have heard good things about the lip sync battle. Seeing Miss Emma Stone leave everyone dazzled in her smoke during Jimmy Fallon show ( it’s not really the tonight show) makes it hard for me to imagine anyone could come close.
        As far as Manny is concerned, I have to make my peace with it and move on. Sometimes knowing life is unfair helps me to believe in better things.


      • Whooo do u love, Are you for sure..Yup! He came back strong with Loungin’. 🙂
        Dang I missed Emma Stone on the tonight show, love that girl! Lip Sync Battle is cool though, who knew the Spike network would get A-list celebs..Jimmy Fallon battling Dwayne Johnson was sooo funny, and I’m trying to forget Mike Tyson’s dance moves while performing ‘Push It’, scary shit. Common vs. John Legend was disappointing. I’m saving Emily Blunt vs. Anne Hathaway.
        I hear you about Manny..sighs.

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      • Yep! She sure did bring it! I liked when she told Anne to chill on her sexy dance moves, telling her she’s not playing fair..so funny..
        It would be cool to see her go against Emma! I hope they continue to have good battles on that show.


      • As on Craig Ferguson’s show, the actors get an opportunity to do something they want, not as actors but as people. And it really shows with Anne, Emily, Emma and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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