Mercury in Gemini ☿; April 30th – July 8th, 2015


Gems of Gemini

Day-to-day events take on a new spirit of levity as Mercury skips into the colorful realm of the twins tonight. Speedy Mercury makes an extended stay in Gemini (including a retrograde period from May 18 to June 11), and won’t enter Cancer until July 8th. When Mercury is in an air sign, there’s a lively swirling of ideas, impressions and social curiosity, collecting info from all angles, and dispersing wit and insights.

We’re more attracted to wordplays and puns now, we’ll have an instinct for lightening things up with humor, and let’s not forget the subtle art of seduction! Whether we’re “out there” in the dating world or happily attached, expressive Mercury lights up another one of Gemini’s awesome traits, pure charm! This Mercury always has a new fascination to share, but can prefer to skim the surface rather than plunge the depths of an interest. It’s too easy to load up on mental junk food during this transit, since it’s all about following bright, shiny fascinations!


The mind is wowed by all that’s out there to know, and people to meet. Quick-witted and eclectic Mercury in social butterfly Gemini loves to tap into the minds of others, and exchange ideas through conversation. We won’t even be fully aware of the boost we’re giving others (and ourselves) just by participating, chatting, communicating, and staying socially active. A kind word or taking a genuine interest in the life of another person goes a very long way now.

This will be a highly Neptunian Mercury transit (Mercury in Gemini will be within range of a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces for two full months); this indicates openings to otherworldly insights, communication and communion with the divine, and increased intuitive abilities (water signs may feel downright psychic!)

The spiritual harmony we have with others as we go about our daily lives will be more apparent than usual now. Make note of the people who seem to randomly cross your path – it likely isn’t so random. Many of the connections forming over the next weeks are likely requested by the universe at this time.

“This mercurial energy has a dark side, and often makes snap judgements based on superficial information. When the trickster has hidden motives, the brilliance there is put to use in destructive ways.” -Molly Hall

A bored Mercury Gemini (the devil’s workshop!) amps up the craving to be in the know. It can also be a bit of a gossip (ok, maybe more than a bit). Oh it just loves to use words as pointy weapons, and pass on a juicy tidbit or two! Be careful with loose lips, as the squares to Neptune in Pisces will have a tendency to carry and twist information. Don’t tell anyone anything that you don’t want spread around. The grapevine is extra potent until Mercury enters Cancer on July 8th.

Mercury turns retrograde on May 18th, its energy will start to shift during this time. The potential for confusion, mental chaos, and rapidly changing perspectives will be quite high over the next couple months. We may start to find things out that were previously unknown. The universe is doing its best to get certain connections and information across to us via this Mercury retrograde square Neptune, and it may throw a monkey wrench or two into our plans as it does so.

A feeling of déjà vu: didn’t I just say that? Didn’t we already talk about this? Things come back up for review and revision during Mercury retrograde. Old conversations, connections, ideas, and information come up for a second look. We rediscover crucial information that perhaps we didn’t realize was important before, and we receive missing details so that we can move forward with plans once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury retrograde glitches and breakdowns are going to occur to us all, and in that respect we are all in the same boat! During some retrograde periods we can all be caught by surprise with some of the things that transpire. But, awareness is the key, always. We’ll all benefit from relaxing and attempting to remain neutral and observing our thoughts.



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