Lunch at Zia’s

Last week-end, D and I went downtown to do some sneaker shopping (a total bust for both of us). Afterwards, we walked down St-Catherine street. We got down to Phillips Square and stopped at Trattoria Zia for some lunch. We didn’t look at the menu for too long before deciding to split a grilled calamari salad, and a pizza.

IMG_3176 IMG_3184

We both really liked this salad. The squid pieces were so had lots of fresh herbs, and tasted of great olive oil and got four thumbs up. I’d love to try to recreate this, it’s the perfect summer dish, imo.

So this was a “Zia’s Pizza”, which was nothing to write home about.


It seemed as if they were running out of toppings (mushroom, sausage, mozzarella, and onion) because they were used so very sparingly (this photo is kind of deceptive, it doesn’t really show you guys how cheap it was in terms of toppings)…but look how thick that crust is! That’s so much surface of just crust and tomato sauce. No bueno. We actually brought it home, as we were nicely filled from the calamari salad.


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