Hello, Sweetness! 🍰

Check out these sweet little tarts and cakes I saw at the bakery at IGA!


These were “Pots de Cremes”, I’m not sure what the flavors were, I’m guessing variations of Creme Brulee. I like the look of the edible chocolate containers, or ‘pots’.

Some lovely mini-cakes and fruit tarts. I love how shiny the fruit on the tarts were..I’m allergic to fresh fruit, so these are forbidden fruit tarts for me.


A cute little bumble bee!



These were Laura Secord chocolate cakes.



I wanted a slice of the lemon cake but the staff were bickering at each other and didn’t seem to notice me..I could’ve tried harder to get their attention but I didn’t feel like I should have to, so I didn’t get anything…well just my photos. (✿◠‿◠)


6 thoughts on “Hello, Sweetness! 🍰

  1. I appreciate the effort that goes into all food, from presentation to taste. And clearly, the effort is here. Nice pictures. Maybe the crème brulee pots are also a form of coffee or tiramisu-type. If that is the case you will just have to get it so I can enjoy it vicariously!


    • I’m trying to lighten up too, Jay, but only so I don’t feel so terribly guilty when I do indulge! So far I’ve gone two weeks without bread (I love sandwiches and toast in the morning, so it hasn’t been easy!)..but that’s a small step.
      All the best with your diet! 🙂

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