Wrapped Up🍍

These are some Hawaiian-style lettuce wraps I made for dinner the other night. I free-styled this dish using things I had on-hand, and must say…I was pretty happy with the results!

I’m one of those five people who love Hawaiian pizza, so combining pineapple with smoky, salty bacon was a no-brainer! (•◡•)


For the filling, besides thick-cut bacon and cubes of pineapple, I used red pepper, pineapple juice, and some plum sauce.

When it was nice and glazed, I made some rice noodles, and got the lettuce leaves ready.

 This dish is definitely on my make again list!


8 thoughts on “Wrapped Up🍍

  1. Boom! My wife was looking over my shoulder just now. Ohhhh, is that VenusLotus? Tell her she takes great pictures! So there you are. Maybe I’m one of the five people as well who love Hawaiian pizza. In fact I may go to my local place and get a pie tomorrow! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

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    • Aww man! Your wife’s compliment means a lot..I’m sort of self-conscious of my photos, since I usually grab wtv device I have on-hand and go for it…plus, impatience when I’m hungry lol. Pls tell her I said thanks very much! 🙂
      And cool, a friend in my small Hawaiian pizza lovers group! Enjoy your pizza tonight!


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