ℝandom ℝecurring TV ℂharacters I Love, Pt. 5: Ned Flanders

Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos!


Nedward “Ned” Flanders is the Simpsons’ irritatingly optimistic, cheerful yet lovable next diddly-door neighbor. He’s a genuinely well-meaning, caring person, and very sincere in carrying out the Christian doctrines of charity, kindness and compassion.

Underneath his pink shirt-green sweater combo, Ned hides a crazy hot bod!

When he’s revealed to be in his early 60’s, Ned claims his deceptively youthful appearance is due to his conformity to the Three C’s;

  • Clean living
  • Chewing thoroughly
  • And, a daily dose of vitamin Church

Despite his attempts at being a good Christian, as well as a good neighbor, most of his good deeds nevertheless end up exploited, and are often mocked by the townspeople for his naivety, zealousness, and strict beliefs.

Ned’s constant fretting over every Biblical rule exasperates even the super bland Rev. Lovejoy, who passive-aggressively avenges himself by encouraging his Old English Sheepdog to shit on Ned’s lawn.


On the other hand, our lovable Neddy can be quite intolerant! He’s shown occasional antipathy and even outright mockery towards Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and competing Christian denominations.

He once reminded himself to get his hand “re-blessed” after shaking a Catholic priest’s hand. He also participated in The Walk for the Cure of Homosexuality.

Ned: I want you to hit me in the eye. If you do, we’ll be even according to Exodus, Leviticus and Matthew.
Homer: So you went and hired a law firm, eh?

Todd Flanders: I wish Homer was my father.
Ned Flanders: …And I wish you didn’t have the devil’s curly hair…

Ned was married to the equally religious Maude after he graduated from Oral Roberts University. Even though she spent much of her free time in prayer and reading the Bible, Maude was known to let her hair down! Ned and Maude’s marriage was sweet…very corny and romantic.


The one fracture in their practically perfect union occurred when Maude underlined passages in Ned’s Bible (a major pet peeve of his!)

Sadly, Maude died in an accident on the Springfield Speedway, an incident caused by Homer Simpson.

Shortly after Maude’s death, the grieving Ned saw in her sketchbook a series of drawings that outlined a plan for a Christian-themed amusement park named Praiseland. Realizing this park was her final dream, Ned acquired the defunct amusement park, and, with the assistance of Springfielders, built and opened Praiseland.


He memorialized Maude with a statue of her, and placed on its base a plaque bearing the phrase “She taught us the joy of shame and the shame of joy.” 







Images via fr.simpson-springfield.wikia.com, tstohelp.com, tumblr,


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