ℙress ℙlay▷: ❝Okaga, CA❞ Tyler, The Creator🚀

A change of pace for Tyler’s crazy ass, non?

Not reeeally feeling Cherry Bomb but I love this!…and Blow My Load…whew!


9 thoughts on “ℙress ℙlay▷: ❝Okaga, CA❞ Tyler, The Creator🚀

  1. Let’s slow it down and just late-night riff allow the present to be spontaneous, when we find the sound we like, we’ll stay with it and my voice will be the echo, like the echo of a party winding down…

    mmm… it’s music like this that seems the most precious the first time you hear it, as if you caught this song while it was becoming a song and the moment surprises you and you are feeling the now, the feeling of creation is right there…


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    • Yooo that’s so dead on! Damn!
      The first time I heard this, I wasn’t sure what was happening lol! It actually took the second listen to really appreciate its layers and brilliance..I especially love all the different background vocals.

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      • or attach speakers to your computer? we bought some new desktop ones that sound (surprisingly) really great!
        i hate having to buy albums when i only like a few songs…however, i do love when songs i’m meh about grow on me after a while…that only happens when u buy an album and let it play through. 🙂

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      • That is an option. I was thinking album only I am spending more and more time in my car and can also play my music as loud as I want in there. Sigh. The pitfalls of apartment living.

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      • I hear you…we have a couple with a newborn next to us so we’re always considerate even though other ppl in the building have zero fucks to give. I only blast music when I work out now…


      • Exactly. We also try to be considerate but other tenants are in the zero fucks category. We have identifying names for them, when we can hear but only guess who is making the noise.

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