Cocktails at ℬaton ℛouge🍸🍹

These were some pre-dinner cocktails I had with D and our fried L.

I chose a Cucumber Cool cocktail; Beefeater Gin, lime juice, sugar cane syrup, tonic, infused and garnished with fresh cucumber. I thought it was lovely, and refreshing but a bit heavy-handed with the cane syrup.

L felt for a classic, the Pina Colada. She told us her coconutty concoction was nice, perfectly sweet..but nowhere near the amazing Pina Coladas she had on her recent cruise.


D chose a Wiser’s Boulevardier; a whisky cocktail with Campari and orange rind. He thought there was too much orange rinds, which made it a bit bitter.


We did have dinner, not just cocktails! I’ll post the food soon…stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Cocktails at ℬaton ℛouge🍸🍹

  1. Cocktails, I am fast seeing, are a slippery slope. Mixing the right amount, getting the balance right is gonna be different every time. But when it comes together… look out! ’cause that’s the shit!

    Maybe more fruit and less syrup? sigh.

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