The🍃Wisdom Tree

By Gwenevere

Come my friend and follow me
Sit beneath the wisdom tree
Feel its bark so rough to touch
Tell it what you need so much

Feel the branches shade you now
Whispering to tell you how
Telling you just where and when
You can hope and dream again

Wisdom tree will tell you all
You won’t stumble lest you fall
He will grant a wish or two
So that you can see this through

Life’s been hard and so unkind
Now it’s time to free your mind
Good times coming, they are due
And they wait right now for you

Wave the wisdom tree goodbye
He has told you not to cry
Dreams and wishes come your way
Go and face a brand new day


Image via pinterest


15 thoughts on “The🍃Wisdom Tree

  1. The image of the tree is so beautiful, it’s filled with magic and done in a style of a Chinese landscape painting where the subject, “the people,” are tiny, and the landscape gets the focus. The eyes travel organically around the painting. Thank you for posting!!! xo Ka


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