Sunny☀Spring Days🌷

These are some photos I took on some gorgeous spring days while out with my buddy.


IMG_3818 IMG_3663

That sweet little park is just across the street from us, but it’s for kiddies, no dogs allowed. (◡̀_◡́)



  IMG_3683  IMG_0582

IMG_3706 IMG_3811 IMG_3689

IMG_3571 IMG_3688

IMG_3573 IMG_3785

 IMG_3805 IMG_3082


6 thoughts on “Sunny☀Spring Days🌷

    • They are pretty random, aren’t they!?
      I just see certain things and *ping* brain says “must. take. photo!”
      I’m loving all the spring colors, even though we live downtown, there’s a nice break from the concrete jungle…so much green, my lil guy can sniff away. 🙂

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