Another B&M Breakfast🌻

D and I woke up with a major craving for B&M last Saturday, so I called and ordered breakfast, made coffee and waited impatiently for our food to arrive.

We both chose our regulars…D had to have bacon with pancakes, and I got my usual combo of eggs, home-fries, sausages and toast (our menu mentions coffee, but we never seem to get any with our order.)

I’d been abstaining from bread for two weeks prior to this breakfast (f@cking BRUTAL!!) so for me, it was all about that toast! I had one slice with jam, and another with scrambled eggs (not pictured, because of course…I was a beast.) I was full by then and needed a break before attacking the rest. Luckily, this time the fruit wasn’t sitting on the eggs.

D’s pancakes looked really good! They had those crispy edges going on which I love. Nooo I didn’t have any!

D was happy with his pancakes/bacon/eggs. His only complaint was that tiny container of maple syrup. Not enough! (•◡•)


8 thoughts on “Another B&M Breakfast🌻

  1. The snowflake analogy of pancakes keeps me coming back. I love how spectacularly different pancakes can be! My bride and I love brunch! There’s always so much goodness to choose from!

    Congratulations on the bread abstination!

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  2. Good morning my friend.. They never give enough butter and syrup!
    Enough about me.. Have a fantastic day 🙂
    And now, off to the Breakfast Club. Yes, you made me hungry, again

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