Baton Rouge Pt. 2; the Food

I told you we didn’t just have cocktails! This was D’s full rack of ribs and baked potato. It got two saucy thumbs up!


Here’s L’s plate; she chose the Louisiana grilled chicken breast with seasonal vegetables. She loved the chicken, and the colorful veggies were nice, too.


It was the great debate; the lobster ravioli sounded fantastic, but then the ribs sounded so good, too! Gaahh! I just couldn’t decide! Then, D declared that he was having ribs and I instantly had a crazy, irrational fear of dish-envy, so I said “RIBS! Ribs and chicken..FRIED CHICKEN!”


 For my sides; baked beans and hot cinnamon apples. The beans were gooood, but I pictured a baked apple, and not apple pie filling..I was quite disappointed by this side-dish..especially since I wanted french fries (I always want french fries.) My chicken tenders came with an awesome honey-dijon dipping sauce. I shared my yummy chicken tenders with L. The ribs were great as usual..I couldn’t finish them, though, and brought them home.


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