50 Shades of Nay

To promote the newly released book, Grey, E.L. James did a Twitter Q&A yesterday, and shit got real almost immediately! Here’s a taste of some of the hilarious tweets E.L. got.

#AskELJames What do you dislike more Independent strong women or the English language?

#AskELJames My boss said no when I asked if I could kiss him and then I did anyway because no means yes right? Things at work are awkward.

#AskELJames I need advice on making a BIG romantic gesture. Should I put a GPS tracker in her phone and make threats if she tries to leave?

#AskELJames Is it only ok for Christian to stalk, coerce, threaten & manipulate Ana because he’s hot, or is it also ok because he’s rich?

#AskELJames Is there a safe word which will stop you from writing anymore of this bollocks?

#AskELJames Did you see the abusive relationship of Bella and Edward and think “hmm needs more abuse”?

#AskELJames Can you confirm that you will be writing the story of Ramsay Bolton from his perspective, showing he is just misunderstood?


I’d like to thank these wonderful people for the great laugh I had this morning. Almost makes me want to join Twitter.


Images via tumbr, wmagazine.com



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