New Moon in Cancer; July 15th, 2015❂♋

Intense currents are flowing toward us as the Sun and Moon align in Cancer at 9:24 PM EDT. As with every New Moon cycle, we’re given a chance to punt what isn’t working out anymore and begin anew with fresh energy and perspective. Cancer symbolizes the oceans where Life begins, whether it’s the womb or great salty seas. Focusing our positive intentions now plants seeds of thought in our fertile imaginations. You’ll feel the changes, benefits, and ups and down of this New Moon if your birthday falls on/within four days of July 15, or, if you have a planet at 23 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

“To say that the astro-psychic situation arriving on humanity’s doorstep today is strange and mysterious is probably the understatement of the year. Leading up to the New Moon moment are ten celestial pranksters that emanate distress and concern big-time. Why this should occur, within a 21-hour time-period, is anyone’s guess, but the key here is to be on your best behavior, communicate clearly without ulterior motives, avoid volatile conditions, and count your blessings.” -Mark Lerner

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer (Jeez!! So how’s it goin,’ Cancers?!) everything we need to know will be felt. The Moon is at home in her natural sign of Cancer, where sensitivity, feelings, and comfort reside. Now’s a time to unburden ourselves from irrational fears, needless worry, and dependencies that are suppressed and pleading for expression.

“Your soul expresses itself in a variety of colours – reds, yellows and whites; blues and greens. Yet it is the more luminous colours that we are encouraged to show, relegating those more sombre emotions to the margins of our soul, hoping that they will go away. Yet to live holistically is to embrace all shades and hues of our soul, not just the vibrantly elite colours.” -Andrew Smith

It’s a purging of compressed soul contents. The release under these conditions can feel like a deluge of feelings and raw material. Feel it. Own that shit. Find the root cause and then drop it like it’s hot. Be aware of inner resources that thirst for replenishment. All of this hardcore Cancerian energy is like a bucket of ice water being thrown at us to wake up and plant the seeds of our deepest needs and desires, watered by our sense of self-love and compassion.

Be responsible for your thoughts, your feelings, emotions, ideas, creativity etc. Doing so further empowers you to be the Conscious Creator that you are. As we clean out our emotional inner realm, we can create a higher vibrational tone based on love and truth. This needs to be done not only for ourselves but for all of humanity on planet earth.” -Enid Rosa

During these sacred moments proceed with caution; taking time for contemplation. Nourish and regenerate your soul. Say what you mean gently, or offer a kind gesture that’s straight from the heart, if words tend to fail you. Consider how you self-soothe, and find healthy ways to refill the well. Know that you deserve the best.






6 thoughts on “New Moon in Cancer; July 15th, 2015❂♋

  1. Thanks, love. I love your astro posts and poetry. I’m so all over this new moon in my home sign. This new moon has my handprint on it’s ass 😉 I have sun in Cancer, Virgo rising and Scorpio moon. This is like my personal new year, a birthday gift!
    I’ve been doing the work. So much I’ve seen and so much I’ve purged! I’m so ready for a reset…and to plant new seeds. Literally and figuratively, I’m about to plant some ceremonial seeds! Can you tell I’m excited? lol New moon blessings to you , beautiful Venus Lotus! Be well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! Happy New Year! I feel you so’s been a bit tough this year, especially around that Scorpio full moon we had in May. A reset was much needed for me as well. And, we still have Jupiter and Venus together working for us! Since your Rising is Virgo it will only get better when Jupiter enters Virgo in August! Sick! 😉
      I Love that you planted seeds! Last night I had my hand-written wishes ready, lit a candle and said a prayer, it just felt so great (my partner did it with me :))
      I wish you all the best, lovely Cancerian goddess! Many blessings to you and yours. xoxo
      Handprint on its ass! lmao! ugh I love you.


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