Mercury in Leo; July 23rd – August 7th, 2015 ☿ ♌

When Mercury is expressed through the fire sign of Leo, the result is a mind aflame with fervor and enthusiasm! We’re more engaging and express our thoughts energetically and dramatically. We’re also more convincing and persuasive, as we exude confidence when we speak or write (it can be easy to be taken away by our own hype!) It’s time to speak from the heart and make ourselves heard loud and clear. Put your unique brand of amazing in all you’re passionate about!

“Leo’s one of the most passionately romantic in the Zodiac pantheon. This Mercury sends love notes and is a big, fun flirt. Go with the light mood to make new connections, for friendship or more! The golden key with Leo energy is to break through with humor and generosity. “Molly Hall

Mercury in fiery Leo has a short attention span and is less interested in analysis, details…and TMI. Ranting and venting are no-nos. Leos are repulsed by those who wallow in their insecurity. They’ll turn cold if you kill their vibe with sad stories. This is when Leo’s ferocious and rough side shows – there’s little tolerance for ‘misery loves company’ types. Leo’s more about wanting to have fun, and doesn’t really care for weakness.

With so much pride and need for admiration and respect in our interactions there can be stubbornness with opposing views and opinions. Mercury’s attitude in Leo is “respect what I have to say!” Criticism is not taken very lightly. There’s no use arguing with anyone because they’re just as committed to their passions as you are! With this placement there’s absolutely no apologizing for our beliefs. That’s Leo’s Fixed Fire for ya! Agree to disagree.

“Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the Sun, which means that in any chart Mercury is either in the same sign as the Sun or the one next to it. This phenomenon reflects the close relationship between Mercury’s role as the communication planet and the heart of identity, the Sun. “-Maria DeSimone

“The Sun and Mercury come together (12:25PM at 1 degree of Leo) in what astronomers call their Superior Conjunction. The eminent astrologers Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar referred to this type of stellar alignment as a Full Mercury – similar in nature to a Full Moon, but suggesting that human souls should be eager to assimilate bold ideas being generated by the divinity always invisibly working to enlighten humankind behind the scenes. “ -Mark Lerner

The Sun’s union with Mercury and Jupiter in Leo connects the mind, ego, and opportunity into a crystal clear space, inspiring hope to kick-start exciting ideas in motion. Electric breakthroughs can be made. No more partnering with doubts or limitations. Make your own personal mark, whether large or small.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”   –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry





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