Treat Yo’ Self; The Grand Budapest Hotel…and Cake!🍰

I tried watching the Grand Budapest Hotel a few Sundays ago on Netflix, but for some reason I couldn’t get a good stream. I was really looking forward to watching this too…A major bust.

So, on my second attempt – for an extra special Treat Yo’ Self after-noon, I got a lovely duo at Starbucks for my movie! I don’t usually venture into Starbucks (even though there’s one about forty steps from my house…they’re just so extra, I dunno)..I prefer Second Cup or Java U. But, I must say, when it comes to desserts, Starbucks FTW!

I got myself a green tea latte and lemon cake (which had raspberry jam swirlies!)


It smelled amazing, and was so buttery! I really liked the strong lemon flavor. The latte was nice too. I was in heaven I tells ya! (✿◠‿◠)

The Grand Budapest Hotel was a brilliant film! I absolutely love the distinctive style of Wes Anderson films. Ralph Fiennes’ M. Gustave was so engaging…exquisite…sensational! Tony Revolori’s Zero was fantastic as well! I truly loved it.

Have you had any Treat Yo’ Self days recently!? Tell me what you did!

Images: rafyrafrafer via, & Treat Yo’ Self via


12 thoughts on “Treat Yo’ Self; The Grand Budapest Hotel…and Cake!🍰

    • It was a great Sunday movie!
      Sundays are movie days for me, actually..I love to watch Woody Allen films on Sunday mornings, too. Perfection. 🙂
      I think Life Aquatic is my favorite Wes Anderson film. Definitely catch Grand Budapest Hotel!

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      • Ha! We just saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona last week, Match Point last night, and plan to see Irrational Man this week.
        I don’t think my bride has seen any Wes films yet.


      • Ohhh that must’ve been fun! I’ve seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona quite a few times. It’s so good! Match Point was good too.
        I recently rewatched You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger…people seem to hate that one but oh well..I loves it! I like lots of bad Woody Allen films..even the REALLY bad ones like A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy lol.
        Have you seen Fading Gigolo?

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      • Sadly, I have not seen a lot of his modern films. Too damn prolific! We saw Fading Gigolo a month ago. It’s like a Woody Allen film especially when he’s in a film. He’s the same guy in every film and I delight in his Jewish neurosis every time! We really enjoyed it! And how can you go wrong with John and Liev?

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      • John and Liev… total swoons. And solid as oak actors. A credit to their craft. Vanessa hasn’t done much since singing career ( still remember seeing her video for “Tandem” overseas) though she was winning in Patrice Leconte’s The Girl on the Bridge.

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