Mars in ℒeo; Aug. 8 – Sept. 24, 2015 + Venus & Mars Conjunction; Sept. 1, 2015♂♀♌

Mars kicks down the door as he arrives in the realm of  Sun King. Just when we thought things were likely to be cooling down (Jupiter leaving Leo for Virgo on Aug. 11th) an Alchemical Marriage between the Goddess of Love and the God of War occurs on September 1st (and again on Nov. 3rd 2o15)!

 “The theme of Love is strong in 2015 as Venus and Mars, the lovers in the heavens, connect not once but three times. In fact, throughout 2015 they stay relatively close together never more than one sign apart. This can be a year of unity and togetherness if you come from a place of love.” -Sally Kirkman

As usual, each sign will feel the energy in a slightly different way. Do you know your Mars Sign? You lucky people with significant placements in Leo (Sun, Moon, ascendant, and other planets and points) will be infused with the Martial/Venusian energy most directly. Some of you are just about to catch Cupid’s arrow on your asses while boarding the Love Boat! Coupled up? Plan your date night now!







Lion by Tira-Owl on DeviantArt


22 thoughts on “Mars in ℒeo; Aug. 8 – Sept. 24, 2015 + Venus & Mars Conjunction; Sept. 1, 2015♂♀♌

  1. Such a feisty article, Venus Lotus.. and oh, how I love that first line! Who hoo! This is where my mars lives in my chart. When people ask me, as they often do, if Im Italian partly because of my name (Angelina) and mostly because of the way I talk with my hands and get all dramatic, loud and expressive, I just tell them…”No, but I have my Mars in Leo”. Welcome to mars in leo one and all! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! P.S watch that Mars in Leo feisty temper! Think Sophias Vergaros character in Modern Family…ironically she’s got Mars in Leo, too! Xo

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    • Angelina! What a beautiful name! It suits you! I guess this was a bit feisty…I channeled my inner hot tamale heheh. 🙂
      Wow another great placement you have! I’ve been looking forward to this transit! Mars in Cancer just didn’t vibe with was…just icky…I was so lazy too! No bueno.
      Ohh yup! Gloria is totally Mars-Leo!
      And yes that temper..especially with Venus retrograde, we’ve gotta be extra careful! 💛🌻

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      • Mars in cancer was a drain!! I felt a low level irritation the whole time and yeah, too lazy and grumpy to move it! So not my norm! My husband has his mars in cancer (god love him, but if I could change one aspect in his chart it would be this). When mars first went in cancer I was like, “wtf, is this what you feel like all the time?? That so sucketh..”
        I’m glad mars and his fire have left the water…cheers!

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this, my friend, and hoping I get some of this action. To be perfectly frank, I have been dreaming of being Loved, and I mean really Loved, for ME. And now I read this …. is this but a dream? I couldn’t begin to tell you. I can tell you that there is a deep primal ache within me to be wrapped in strong LOVING arms. Honey, I usually do NOT day dream about this. *sighs* How I wish! Bless you for this report. I really Love your sense of humor, FYI. LOL Love, Amy ❤

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post (and my silly sense of humor!)
      Sounds like you’re definitely feeling the effects of these transits! Desire has been on my brain lately as well…I wish you much, much LOVE and HUGS (my arms aren’t very strong lol, but they’re loving!) 🙂 xoxo

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      • Well, my friend, may the both of us BE Blessed to have our desires met. I honestly don’t know how this will play out, but is not this, the element of surprise, which makes something like this all the better? September, for reasons I could not tell you, has been my “life altering month”. Many wonderful events and surprises have occurred over the years in this month, as well as completely life changing traumas as well. Perhaps it is the “9” that represents September, my own Life Number that this is so? Hmmmm ….. could very well be! 🙂

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      • Thanks so much for your kind words! 😉
        September is when the Sun transits Virgo (and Libra during the later part of September). My wild guess is that it’s hitting your 11th house, or where Aquarius is positioned (which is ruled by Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises, good and bad) in your birth chart.
        Here’s a free birth chart’s a pretty basic interpretation, but very useful! 🙂

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      • Wow!! Now that IS impressive! I am pleased to know I have really worked at my negative qualities and still am in fact. There are some aspects of my life that I am just not able to fulfill, which makes me sad, yet hopeful at the same time that when this “phase” of my life is over, I can. Oh how I need to travel, be with different people, and by the ocean, none of which I have in my life now. One reason why my blog is so important to me that I LOVE to talk and believe me, the conversations I have sometimes are never ending. Peeps just LOVE to talk to me and vice versa. Thank you so much for this chart …. this is one of the more accurate charts I have ever read. I walked away from astrology a long time ago because so much of it was not true. Yet here I am reading about me in such a way, I found my head nodding yes. I am so grateful to you. I saved this information so that I can go back to it again. I’d say it is useful!! I read in one of my books (I think it was a numerology book) that said the later part of my life was when I would step in my “power” and do what I really dreamed of doing. I believe just that is beginning to come true. How nice!!! ❤

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      • YAY! Loves it! 🙂
        I don’t blame you for walking away from’s easy to think it’s bullshit when reading a daily horoscope or when your birth info is wrong (which happened to me.) Nothing made sense until I knew my correct birth time and Rising sign which wasn’t easy since my mom is deceased.
        My chart also suggests a big need to travel, but I’m quite the homebody! I hope you get to travel and be near the ocean. I’m so glad you found insight with this chart! Astrology is such an amazing tool for self-discovery and so much more! With that lovely chatty nature, I’m guessing you have lots of Gemini/Mercury. I can tell you’re easy to talk to! 😉 xoxo

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      • My blog is the perfect outlet for me to talk. Hubby hogs the conversation and it is always about him. That got old about 25 years ago. Sometimes in life one just cannot change certain circumstances so that one, if wise, learns how to be happy in Heart within a less then happy circumstance. BIG life lesson for me is to learn happiness from me. You are still young. There is a reason why there is a saying, “Love is blind.” Yet, if things were different I would not be the person I am today so all in all, everything does work out for the good. That is IF you have an attitude that sees this. (smile) Just a wee bit of wisdom for you for giving me this valuable tool in my birth chart. I really am grateful, Venus<3Love. 🙂

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      • I thank You for that wisdom! I agree. Happiness comes from within..though it’s hard to find at times. For me drawing/painting is my go-to therapy when I feel down. So soothing. 🙂
        Yes. Love is blind…and messed up! LOL. It’s tough when you can’t get a word in. I’ve got a relative who’s like that. She taught me to be a great listener. So thankful for caller id. :p
        I’ve learned…slowly..that my partner can’t be everything to me, I’m ok with that (he’s awesome in many other ways!)
        It was my pleasure, lovely AmyRose!

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      • OH, you make me laugh!!! Caller ID! I do the same thing! Hehehehehe And yes I too have learned to be a good listener, but darn it I LOVE to talk! Hubs has no idea what he is missing because I could run loops around him the way I can talk. He even admits I am fascinating to listen to yet he keeps on insisting on hogging the conversation. *yawn* Someone who talks about himself all the time is very very boring. So I have found other means to talk. LOL You are such a JOY, my friend!!! Don’t allow this harsh world to take your Inner Glow from you. It is done too darn easily and you really have to fight sometimes in order to keep yourself you. (((HUGS))) ❤


      • LOL! It is boring! And exhausting. We’ve got to be selfish sometimes!
        Aww you guys are too cute!
        So true. This world is so, so harsh. My inner light was reduced to a dim little spark, but I’ve been nurturing my soul and now it shines bright! Reading your kind words this morning is a wonderful start to my day! YOU are such a joy! *hugs back* 🌷 💜

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      • Good morning!!! I too know what it is like to loose my Light, so now I do all I know how to do to keep it. You keep on shining bright … this world is truly in dire need of all the Light and Love it can get!!! May your day be wonderful and filled with smiles and tenderness. It has been such a pleasure in speaking with you, not only presently, but every time we have spoken. Keep on!!! 💞🌹💞

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