Recent Dinners at Home🍝

I feel like I haven’t posted food photos in ages! Too busy eating, I guess!

This was a pan-seared Salmon fillet with mixed greens. I used a bit of butter in the pan which did that magical thing that butter does.

A turkey burger…no frills. I prefer iceberg lettuce in sandwiches, but I didn’t have any. It satisfied my burger craving..but I still want a Teen Burger (my favorite burger from A&W).

This was baked spinach and cheese ravioli from last Sunday. I just boiled the ravioli, covered it in tomato sauce and mozzarella, and added some mixed greens. Easy!


Some lettuce wraps with sliced chicken breasts, rice noodles and carrot. We had them with sweet chilli sauce.


A chicken pita sandwich with tomato and mayo.


  I toasted the pita first which made it reaally yum. 🙂


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