Lunch at Sushi Crystal 🍣🍸🎋

I met my friend S for lunch at Sushi Crystal a few Sundays ago. S and I had been friends since seventh grade, but somehow lost touch a few years ago. So, as luck would have it, I bumped into her while shopping (it was my birthday, too!) We exchanged numbers and spent many hours on the phone since then, trying to catch up.

The restaurant was beautiful! I loved the Koi pond, and the ceiling lights kept changing colors! We were quickly shown to our cozy booth, and given our menu; a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

As our waitress was making sure we knew how to place our orders, another waitress came and took our drink orders. She suggested lychee martinis which sounded really refreshing. We were sold.

S and I ordered several dishes to share; a spicy salmon roll, a BBQ unagi roll, an order of crispy beef with sesame seeds, and salt and pepper squid (“Of course you chose the squid !” -You).


Both sushi rolls were really yum (although brown rice wasn’t an option, which was disappointing.) The unagi roll had a lovely charred flavor. The crispy beef dish was tender and not chewy at all, and the squid inside the batter was perfect!

It was fun to order on the tablet and our dishes came pretty quickly but delivered separately by different waiters. Even though our food was fresh and delicious, I’m not so sure I’d return to Sushi Crystal. The coordination of the staff was terrible. I think we had three waiters at one point. We seemed to be disturbed every two minutes (especially annoying during great conversation! Our wtf looks to each other were frequent and priceless.)…There’s attentive service, and then there’s…this awkward mess.

Damn, I have a major sushi craving right now!



4 thoughts on “Lunch at Sushi Crystal 🍣🍸🎋

  1. Spicy salmon roll and salt and pepper squid… ( if you can get squid, why wouldn’t you?) Same for grilled octopus with soy. Ohhhhh… specialty rolls and sushi. I could have it twice a month and never tire of it! Looks like a cool place too!

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    • The bbq eel was my fave. It was reaaally yummy..good rice/filling ratio. I’ve only recently tried unagi rolls, too…eels give me the major creeps! But somehow I got the urge to try it. Grilled octopus is so good! Surprisingly they don’t creep me out half as much as eels do! 🙂
      I know what you mean, I could have it twice a week even!

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