Mars in Virgo; Sept. 24th – Nov.12th, 2015 ♂♍

By Rick Levine

Warrior Mars is about to be humbled! The action planet is ruled by Fire, but Mars is about to get a dose of cool, practical Earth energy as it moves into Virgo from September 24 to November 12, 2015.

At first glance, Mars and Virgo don’t have much in common. Mars is impulsive, impatient and blunt; Virgo is thoughtful, practical and prudent in every way. Yet what they do have in common is the drive and ability to get things done.

Mars and Virgo hate to waste time — even if it’s for different reasons. Mars is simply in a hurry and Virgo is efficient, but when combined the bottom line is still fast and focused achievement. That makes Mars in Virgo a great time to plow thorough daunting tasks you’ve been putting off!

On the down side, Mars in Virgo can also be a time when people become more critical of one another and may even lash out. Virgo makes it easier to find fault with others, and Mars isn’t afraid to say so — and that’s a dangerous combination!

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