Gardens of Light🏮🌷🎋

This autumn, the 23rd annual Gardens of Light festival (aka the Magic of Lanterns festival) once again brings a spectacular blend of cultural art to Montreal. Keeping an ancient Chinese tradition alive since 1992, the Montreal Botanical Garden (the second largest garden in the world!) is a living museum of exotic plants and is the perfect setting to marvel at the glowing displays.

The festival features almost 1,000 hand-painted silk Chinese lanterns and oriental-themed installations. The Chinese and Japanese gardens are illuminated at dusk, bringing the darkened gardens to life, while creating a serene, fairy-tale atmosphere.

Glowing orbs such as tigers, pandas, fierce dragons, Samurai warriors, and a Chinese empress can be seen along pathways, hanging from the majestic trees throughout the gardens, or floating on the pitch black pond in the Dream Lake Garden.

“According to legend, every night before the new year, a monster called Nian came out of the water and terrorized the villagers. One year, there was a villager who proposed a way to scare the monster: with light, noise and the color red. Important elements of Chinese New Year celebrations born out of this legend, including drums, and Ziwei, the heavenly archer who killed the fleeing Nian, are represented in this year’s main lake diorama.” Patricia Maunder,  Montreal Gazette

The Gardens of Light festival is held every day until Nov. 1st. Jasmine tea and pastries are for sale from 6 to 9 p.m! I can’t wait to experience the magic of Chinese lanterns sometime soon! We plan on going on a week night since it seems to be the only time to avoid a huge crowd.

Montreal Botanical Garden
4101, Sherbrooke East
Montréal, Québec Canada, H1X 2B2
Telephone: +1 (514) 872-1400



Montreal Botanical Garden




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