Sun in Scorpio; Oct. 23rd – Nov. 22nd, 2015♏

The Sun enters passionate Scorpio today, where it will transit until November 22nd. The mood of Scorpio is sultry, secretive, darkly sexy and very intense.




“The only sign with three symbols, the scorpion, eagle and phoenix, Scorpio represents the three-fold process of awakening to higher states of consciousness; the first being a confrontation with the “shadow” side of our nature, the second, or “eagle” phase, being the leap of faith necessary to abandon old ways of being, and discover new horizons, and the third being the “phoenix’” stage where we have risen from our own ashes”

Happy Solar Return, Scorpios! xoxo

♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦♥ ♦









10 thoughts on “Sun in Scorpio; Oct. 23rd – Nov. 22nd, 2015♏

  1. Yes, yes, yes! My god I relish Scorpio season. Probably my Hades moon, but I’ve always related so much more to Scorpio then I have to my own Sun sign, maybe because I also have Pluto nice and tight with my ascendant.
    I am so at home and excited for this time of the year. Such a great Sun in Scorpio right up, much love to you Venus lotus! Xoxo

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    • Ohh, I love it too! I have a crowded (Sun, Moon, Mercury) 8th house…so I totally feel you! Lordy, the cards I’ve been dealt!
      Thanks so much! Scorpio is so beyond complex, I spent way too much time editing…there’s just so much to say about this sign!
      We’re in for an interesting ride! Much love to you as well! xo 🙂


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