Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius♐


After roaming the dark, painful depths of Scorpio, Mercury settles in the sign of Wanderlust from Nov. 20th (until Dec. 9th), followed by the Sun on Nov. 22nd (until Dec. 21st). Thanks to Sag’s big and jolly ruler, Jupiter, thoughts shift from secret suspicions to hopefulness. Passions align, missions intertwine and inner optimism grows.

Sagittarius is a great light in a world of darkness. A light so pure, so real, so powerful it can melt our icy, fearful hearts and encourage us to believe in something greater than ourselves. We need vision. We need it most when the world is so dark.Julie Simmons

With messenger Mercury and sobering Saturn feeding the Archer’s fire, we may find others judgy, or a bit too daring with their thoughts and viewpoints. Don’t let Debbie Downer and Bill Buzzkill spoil your good vibes!


“Try everything once, twice if you like it, and three times to make sure.” -Mae West



Happy Solar Return, Sagittarius! xo❤xo





12 thoughts on “Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius♐

  1. Thank you for the optimistic Sag view! My sign could use a pick-me up after an emotionally exhausting autumn. Your post put a smile on my face! And thank your country for me to take in refugees by the thousands, something that my country is too gutless to do.

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    • My pleasure, dear friend!..especially since it produced a smile! So sorry this autumn’s been rough. I do hope things get better.

      The refugees are due to arrive very shortly, around 900 per day..though it seems there were no real plans for integration, with much scrambling going on at the moment. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly…

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  2. Great post! I know this week will be full of buzzkills but I will do my best to enjoy myself. Thank you for the info. I want to learn how to read this way eventually (with planets and zodiac signs). 🙂

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  3. Thank you for this post of hope! It has been a very rough couple of months for me and to know there is light this coming and in fact is here, brings a surge of pure joy to my heart. This world is in such need of love and of light and getting back to basics such as having fun, smiling, and experiencing Joy is a child does. Just reading these words gave me a release in my spirit that better days are ahead. ❤

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