Mercury in Capricorn; Dec. 9th – Jan, 1st 2016 ☿♑

Mercury, our planet of expression, entered cool Capricorn on Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2015. While Mercury was in Sagittarius we had our fingers crossed and pushed on with blind faith and optimism. Now, Capricorn brings us right back down to Spaceship Earth and grants us with clear, focused ambition so that procrastinators (like myself) can launch plans and get shit done.

Mercury in Capricorn is simply realistic. The mind works in a very calculated and methodical way, making it easier to sort out what is relevant and essential. Capricorns are cardinal Earth signs, the doers of the Zodiac, which means they’re very result-driven…Caps need something tangible to show for their efforts. To them, time is money.

“Sometimes this earth bound mentality goes too far to the materialistic extreme. Capricorn is concerned with its place in the scheme of things. And that’s when the strong cardinal drives of Capricorn are fully focused on getting things, status, social position, etc. With this transit, you might brood more over your authority, especially if you don’t feel you’re being respected.” -Molly Hall

Capricorn’s bossy nature can come off as cold or harsh if other people don’t follow its lead. With mental Mercury there, we must try to be extra careful of inflicting criticism and condescension on those who help to light up our lives on a daily basis.

*Mercury will be in Capricorn until January 1st; it will turn retrograde in Aquarius on January 5th, and then move back into Capricorn on January 8th…where it will stay until February 13th. But, more on that later. xo

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8 thoughts on “Mercury in Capricorn; Dec. 9th – Jan, 1st 2016 ☿♑

      • Well, maybe the planets just know what they’re doing and we’re supposed to be bossy at the times were being bossy.. or maybe it’s teaching us that we have to bite our tongue sometimes instead of biting off somebody’s head for doing whatever they’re doing the wrong way. And are we supposed to look at what we have in Capricorn to see how it’s affecting us? I think I have Black Moon Lilith there in the fifth house. Bossy mouthy feminist diva?

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      • Excellent points! Capricorn energy brings lots of lessons. I find it quite provoking. For some the lesson may be to zip the lips, and for some the lesson is step up or create boundaries. It all depends. For me, going off on someone is losing control, and I hate myself when I do that vs. simmering in silence. Either way, it sucks. My Mars is in peace-maker Libra, too…
        And yes, exactly, Mercury is now a guest in your 5th house. Bossy, mouthy, feminist diva! Whoa! 🙂


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