Mars in Scorpio + Mars Retrograde ♂♏

By Molly Hall

While in Libra, the sign of the Scales, Mars has been driven to play fair and weigh all sides. On the Zodiac wheel, Libra is followed by Scorpio, and here we go beyond keeping the peace, or saving face, in areas that are crying out for deeper, more penetrating confrontation.

During this Mars shift, if there’s been a build-up of grievances in Libra, the pressure builds in Scorpio to the boiling point. In some cases, a vague sense of imbalance can turn into an open enemies situation, when Mars goes rogue in Scorpio. This can be a time of decisive action, after which there seems to be no going back to pretending that everything’s okay.

Mars sets that mysterious mood, when everything could change, and that enlivens the love atmosphere. Mars rules libido and Scorpio is the threshold guardian sign of the cauldron that’s sexual mixing. Mars in Scorpio creates a sense of urgency, when it comes to the natural longings for soulful intimacy.

This can send lovers on a quest, for the holy grail of soul union in sex. The primal instincts lead us there, to create something wholly new. It’s a transit when a destructive act (like breaking up) is what’s needed to grow and release held up creative power. Or, the great revelations of Scorpio could purify a relationship, as the risk to be real leads to a more truthful, deeper bond.

Mars Scorpio Possibilities

  • Any passive-aggressive behavior pattern turns into active-aggressive.
  • Mercy killing of what’s dead or dying in your life, including relationships that are based only on social obligation.
  • Truth that has a sting or feels toxic, like poison.  The atmosphere could feel ruined or polluted, until there is healing and integration of what’s happened (or been revealed).
  • Feeling productive and using the concentrated energies of Scorpio in a strategic way.

In 2016, Mars makes two visits to Scorpio thanks to a long retrograde period. While Mars usually spends around six to eight weeks in a sign, this year Mars will spend about four months in Scorpio!

“Mars decides to enter one of its two traditional home signs — Scorpio — at 6:34AM PST. Mars will remain in the willful, hypnotic, and research-strong sign of Scorpio until March 5, and then Mars begins a retrograde cycle in Sagittarius on April 17. Mars will once again inhabit the eighth sign of the zodiac from May 27 to August 2. Steer clear of temperamental souls and anyone prone to mischief-making. Use words to support dear ones — not to castigate or critique them. A moderate involvement with exercise routines and athletics may provide an outlet for reducing tensions across the board. “Mark Lerner

When Mars is retrograde we’re asked to review how we’re expressing our anger, asserting ourselves, and going after what we want. Mars is not a reflective energy, but when it’s retrograde, we have an opportunity to take a deeper look at how we’re using our inner passion sources. Are the battles we’re fighting worthy of our time and energy? What’s really driving us?

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11 thoughts on “Mars in Scorpio + Mars Retrograde ♂♏

      • Me too.. I’ve gotta find the humor. I have Scorpio in 3rd house and Chiron in aries and wonder if that’s (3rd house) why my bi-polar half sister who never talks to me has been texting me and focusing on me in her mania and asking me to help her because the voices said she could trust me….lol. Let the madness begin. I don’t like this transit at all and this is round 1.
        Happy new year, my dear. May this transit be gentle!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Uranus just went direct in Aries..that might’ve triggered it. Sounds like a very delicate situation..I wish you the best of luck! xx
        I’ve been feeling friction with those who I usually communicate with effortlessly. Mercury rx is no help…And yes, exactly, it’s only round one! It’s going to be a learning experience to say the least..channeling its potent energy is really important (I keep telling myself!), and, as you said, we must find the humor! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Uranus stationing direct was probably it. …you know, I was born when Uranus was stationing direct and with Mercury and neptune in retrograde…it figures I feel it stationing.

        Hey, lots of humor to be found and trying to find a classy way to say Uranus without it sounding like your anus. Hey, it’s either humor or a vow of silence and a retreat in the woods. Maybe for round 2 I’ll rent a cabin.


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