Leap Year Day

“The sky all at once is overhead dim and grey, puzzle of blocks sprawl, their own horizon; the city looks like a cemetery full of weak daylight, cool and a little wrong, making Ella feel a little put upon, like leap-year day—nothing in itself, but a nudge jostling every other day.”Michael Cisco

“Like a last minute guest, squeezing in at a big family dinner, the compassionate and gentle sign Pisces makes room for an extra day once every four years.

February 29th 2016 is an extremely high vibrational day, so it is essential to focus on remaining grounded, centered and balanced to absorb and fully incorporate the energies. Every year the number 29 (2+9=11) occurs once in every month, apart from in February, as the number 29 only appears once in every four years. As this year is 2016 ((2 (February) +2+0+1+6 = 11)) it means the total date calculates to 11:11, so we are currently experiencing an extremely rare occurrence. -Alex Myles

From an astrological perspective, the energy of a Leap Year can be challenging for anyone. It magnifies the demands that come with Pisces; be willing to let go, give up, and go with the flow. Accept that we are one small part of a larger picture. Do not be afraid of change and emotional honesty.

Leap Year babies, sometimes called Leapers or Leaplings, are born near the tenth degree of the sign Pisces. Their energy is creative, receptive, and often very unique. To be born on this day is to have a kind of magical “sixth sense” about the world. They are believed to be naturally lucky and often possess special talents.

A willingness to be grateful and the good sense to embrace opportunities that come along could be the secret to a Leapling’s reputation for good luck. Leaplings may be able to draw out the best in others. It is smart to pay attention to the perspective and interests of a Leapling friend or family member.”






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