Venus in Pisces; March 12th – April 5th, 2016 💙♀♓

"Mesmerised by an ocean dream,
Eternal life, alone and free.
Rolling waves, sea pure and clear,
Maybe I've found shelter from the storm."
-Alice Morris, A Mermaid’s Dream

Love Goddess Venus dives into the realm of Pisces on March 12th, casting love spells and bringing harmony and compassion to our interactions. Venus in Pisces is love and beauty reaching its highest perfection.

It’s the most romantic of all Venusian journeys (the opposite of her recent journey in Aquarius!). It’s the fairy tale love experience..and I wouldn’t mind being swept off my feet during this transit..just sayin’.  ‾ ‿ ⁀

Creativity, reverie, and allure overflow while the Goddess of love makes her stop here. We may dream of, or long for whatever we value in the depths of our being…whether it’s forbidden love, the blissful union of soulmates, or the ecstasy of self-expression through poetry, photography, or other form of art.

The shadow side of this position can be evasiveness, allowing ourselves to be victimized or disillusioned by seeing others through rose-colored glasses. Realism can be poison during this period and escapist qualities may also come to the fore, especially with the Sun, Neptune and Mercury also in Pisces.

Now’s the time to be generous with your affections, to indulge in games and let your romantic instincts take flight. Those born with Venus in Pisces usually know exactly what their love needs and are willing to sacrifice their own needs to please them.

Embrace your softer side. Enjoy these magical vibrations. Just don’t lose yourself in the process! Happy Venus return, Pisces! xx




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