Busy Mercury

By Mark Lerner

“When people behave in a quickly-changing volatile temperament, they are often said to be mercurial in nature — due to the unusual consistency of the silvery liquid metal known as mercury and associated with the planet anciently referred to as the Messenger of the Gods.
This planet closest to the Sun can move the fastest of the main celestial orbs in our solar system — with Mercury often having a daily speed of over 2 degrees of the zodiac. And right now Mercury is picking up its winged-pace and will be at its fastest movement per day between March 23 and April 3.
The reason to mention all of this is that Mercury is the big cosmic player in today’s heavenly game of fate, destiny, luck and chance as this planet makes six alignments — a trine to invisibility-master Pluto (Midnight as the day begins), a contra-parallel to joker-in-chief Uranus (1:08AM), a polarity to far-seeing Jupiter (2:43AM), a frictional, 45-degree link to safety-and-security concerned Vesta (1:47PM), a conjunction with nature-loving Ceres at 19 degrees of Pisces (5:05PM), and a contra-parallel with giant Jupiter (5:32PM).
With this half-dozen Mercury geometric patterns sending out a large array of both helpful and stressful impulses affecting global communications, correspondence, travel plans, business interests and health-medical analyses, it is best to remain mentally calm and emotionally tranquil.
The fact that Venus forms a dicey, 45-degree contact with Uranus (9:49AM) just before the crisis-oriented First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase clocks in (activating 26 degrees of Pisces and Gemini at 10:04AM) adds celestial insult to possible injury.
Making today’s solar-lunar face-off more disconcerting is that it also jump-starts a void lunar twilight zone that lasts until 5:58PM when the Moon enters home-and-family vitalizing Cancer. Retreat from any external hassles and disturbances for a night of reflection and learning lessons from the rich tapestry of past opportunities and challenges.”

Source: Astrology.com

Art by Hugo Barros


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